If you need some inspiration or are looking for some help designing your next Japanese style tattoo, give the shop a call on 96022555 to organise a consultation. Each with many years experience in traditional Japanese style designs, Matt, Rob or Eli will be more than happy to sit down and help plan out your next tattoo both large or small.

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Since his apprenticeship in 2012, Eli Ferguson has quickly developed a reputation as one of the leading practitioners of clean, precise, and culturally respectful tattooing, focusing heavily on a Japanese style. Be sure to check out more of Eli's work HERE and HERE. To book a consultation call the shop on 96022555

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new flash

Here is Zoe getting busy with some brand new flash for the walls. Be sure to swing by the shop to check out Zoe's new work and grab yourself a nice tattoo.

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rolan john photo zoe drawing 18-2.jpg
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Oliver West

We were stoked to have our good mate from Sydney Oliver West with us again last week. Olly will be joining us again some time this year so keep an eye on his instagram page HERE for details.

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done and dusted

Well another year has flown on by, and it has been an awesome one! 

We would like to thank everybody that came in and got tattooed and all of the guest artists we have had this year. We will be back to business as usual doing clean, bold tattoos on Tuesday the 2nd of January. 

Happy New Year!

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maisen hall and eli ferguson

We are stoked to get two new amazing tattooers on board with us here at MTCo. Here are some photos of Maisen and Eli getting things started last week. Click on the names to see more of their work and if you would like to make a booking, just call the shop on 96022555

Photos by Rolan

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New Flash

Fergus Simms getting some new flash ready for the walls. All the flash in our waiting area is hand painted by our tattooers and ready to be tattooed. Stop by and take a look

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