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To have a strong and lasting structure, solid foundations are essential. This is the ethos of Melbourne Tattoo Company - An open and welcoming space, with a coherent working style, and a quality product.

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Melbourne tattoo Co.

Set deep in the heart of Melbourne City, in an historic building, once housing wool workers and magic vendors, you’ll find the home of Matt and Zoe Wisdom. Combining over 25 years of experience, and a great passion for lasting aesthetics and clean work, they have built an oasis for tattoos that set the standard for quality. Find the doorway at Somerset Place; tucked behind the clamour of the city, walk up the stairwell past the jewellers, barbers and baristas to find the vast and colourful loft where Melbourne Tattoo Company lives.


LADIES, if you like the idea of having your next tattoo done by a female tattoo artist, we can help! so if you are feeling a bit shy, book an appointment with one of our female tattooers.

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freedom of ideas

and a lasting aesthetic

By all accounts, the best experience you can have in a tattoo session is when there is a mutual goal, openness and understanding. The crew at  MTCo aim for this, creating a friendly and welcoming space where the artist and client can align their ideas and create something that is life-long and satisfying for both.

The artists at MTCo are some of the best in Melbourne, and are often booked in advance. That’s not to say you can’t pop in for a visit. If time allows, walk in tattoos can be accepted, or you can spend some time admiring the walls, which are covered in amazing, unique artwork you can choose for your next appointment.



Melbourne's Finest Tattoo Studio - Where you will find pride in solid craftsmanship, Quality design and excellence in execution.

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